Métis Nation of Ontario

Métis culture also flourishes in Sault Ste. Marie. With prime locations along historic trading routes, this area was instrumental in the genesis of the Métis Nation, which was born out of the historic contacts between Indigenous peoples and Francophone settlers (particularly fur traders and voyageurs). Two of the most recognizable symbols of the Métis are the blue and white Métis flag, with a horizontal infinity symbol in the center, and the bright red woven Métis sash. The sash has a long history as a functional belt for voyageurs. With the wool coming from Europe and the weaving technique from Indigenous peoples, the sash is an important example of how new traditions arise from the blending of different cultures. Other notable aspects of Métis culture include fiddle music, jigs, and the Michif language. The city has both provincial and regional Métis Nation offices at 26 Queen Street East in the downtown core.

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