How To Use This Website

This web portal is your online gateway to experiencing the John Rowswell Hub Trail. Explore locations in order, or jump to the areas or subjects that intrigue you. Let your curiosity take you on an adventure on or off the Trail!


To begin exploring the Trail, click on the “Explore” tab. You can choose from any of the seven sections of the Trail. Each section introduction highlights the key features of the section, as well as the points located there. Each location page is labelled with a distance number that corresponds to the marker posts on the Trail. They provide information about each location, and often lead to subpages with further content on related topics. Links throughout will direct you to new content. There are many ways to navigate from one page to the next.

Interactive Map

For an overview of the Hub Trail and featured locations, view the Interactive Map (found on the “Maps” page). Use the image slider to find the location you’re looking for, or click on any point to view its title. The sidebar offers many options for other features to be added to the map, including heritage buildings, and community art. Use it to determine your distance goals, or create your own personalized walking tour!


Activities on each location page encourage you to engage with the Trail using your five senses and your knowledge. Do you know what the Roman numerals on the Welcome Arch stand for? How long does it take you to travel across the longest bridge in Fort Creek? Can you draw Roberta Bondar in space? Challenges include Quiz, Drawing, Observation and Think About It, and range in difficulty from Grades 1 to 12. How long will it take you to complete them all?


This website includes the following downloadable resources:

  • Maps – includes cultural maps, city and area maps, and nature walks
  • Trail Guide – the complete Trail Guide for children and families in a print-ready PDF, written in English, French, and Anishinaabemowin
  • Audio Tour – mp3 for computer or mobile devices, available in English, French, and Anishinaabemowin
  • Learning Resources – booklets for teachers, educators, and parents highlighting curriculum connections and samples of activities along the Trail