Carmen's Way

18.5 km Marker

Carmen’s Way

Truck · Camion · Aawdaasowi-daabaan

A plaque dedicates this roadway to Carmen Provenzano. Photo: User:Fungus_Guy / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Carmen’s Way is a truck route that has become vital to our City. It is named after the late former MP Carmen Provenzano, who was involved in getting the road built.

This is just one route that connects the City to the rest of the world. On the Trail you will also pass by the rail yard, harbour, and international bridge. You might even see airplanes flying from the western edge of the Sault. What transportation do you use every day?

Health Tips with Freggie & Hearty Artie!


Juicy Ontario peaches are a summertime favorite. Pick up a basket for great grab-and-go snacking, cut them up into salads or try grilling golden peach halves on the barbeque.
hearty artie

Your feet have 250,000 sweat glands and can produce 4 – 6 ounces of perspiration per day. Make sure you have socks that are comfortable for you and your feet. Fit is important to help prevent blisters.

Challenge Yourself!

Can You Draw?

Can you use your finger to read the plaque with your eyes closed? Bring paper and crayons to create a rubbing of this plaque.

Think about it…

What do you think the trucks are carrying? Where are they going?

Do you see the stone with a plaque on it? What does it say? What does the stone feel like? How is it similar or different from the plaque?