Carmen's Way

20.0 km Marker

French Quarter

French · Français · Wemtigoosh

Bonjour! Parlez-vous français?

The land beside this Trail marker slopes toward Edinburgh Street and the historic quartier français. In the past this area was home to the City’s Francophone population. Many buildings from this time still stand here, including St.-Ignace Church, which was an important gathering place and cultural landmark.

Today Francophone culture exists throughout the City. The Francophone Centre on North Street provides services and events for French speakers. Saint Jean Baptiste Day is the biggest French celebration in the Sault, and is celebrated each year on June 24th.

Heritage Communities of Carmen’s Way

This map shows the boundaries of 1950s and 1960s communities near the south end of the Carmen’s Way Trail Section, including le quartier français, little Italy and Hakkisen Mäki.View PDF

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Where in the City can you learn to speak French?

Can you spot the steeple of St.-Ignace Church from the Trail?