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Mill Square

Building · Édifice · Wakaa’igan

The General Building at Mill Square, showing the historic North West Company lock. Photo: Algoma Conservatory of Music

At the end of Huron Street, you’ll find yourself surrounded by impressive sandstone buildings from the City’s industrial past. Standing strong for 120 years, these buildings are now being transformed into a community hub that will serve the Sault long into the future.

First created by Francis H. Clergue, these structures were originally part of the Sault Ste. Marie Pulp and Sulphite Company. The buildings are made of sandstone blocks excavated from the canal.

Ownership of the mill changed hands several times over the years. The factories were expanded to produce many different kinds of paper, including specialty paper, newsprint, and environmentally friendly SCA and SCB papers.

Although you can no longer hear the sound of machinery inside these historic structures, their story is far from over. Today they are being repurposed as Mill Square, which hosts a market, concerts, and community events. The former administration office building is the new home of the Algoma Conservatory of Music, Ontario’s largest music conservatory outside of Toronto.

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    In 1903, the windows of the general building were smashed by a mob of Clergue’s unpaid workers. Militia travelled all the way from Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie to respond to the situation (but by the time they arrived, the riot was already over)!

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