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Industrial Heritage

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Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2015

The buildings at Mill Square are architectural treasures of Sault Ste. Marie. They are the largest collection of historical industrial Robinsonion Romanesque buildings in Canada. This style refers to famous 19th-century American architect H.H. Richardson, whose strong, simple Romanesque buildings were so often imitated that they generated a whole new category of architecture.

The style of a building is determined by many factors, including its shape, materials, embellishments, and windows and doors. Take a moment to admire the basic forms of the buildings at Mill Square, their impressive arched doorways, and the tall, slender windows on the upper storeys. These buildings are proof that industrial structures can be both beautiful and functional.

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    Which building is not one of the 5 sandstone buildings at Mill Square?

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    Which building exists at Mill Square?

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Think about it…

Can you name any other styles of architecture? How many can you spot in the City? (Examples: Library = modern style, Gothic style church architecture)