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Algoma Farmers’ Market

Farm · Gitigaan · Ferme

This sign welcomes visitors to the Algoma Farmers’ Market and the M.S. Norgoma (as well as local sports fans!). Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2015

The Algoma Farmers’ Market provides fresh, local food to area residents. Open at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion from June to October, the Market relocates to the Wellington Square Mall in the East End of the city during the winter months.

The Algoma Farmers’ Market is an important place for community members to support local agriculture. You can also find fresh produce and meat at the Mill Market, which is open throughout the year, or at the many farms surrounding Sault Ste. Marie.

Health Tips with Hearty Artie!

hearty artie

Eat locally! Shop at our local farmers’ market or try your hand at growing your own veggies. Vegetables that are grown closer to home keep more of their nutrients and minimize your carbon footprint.

Challenge Yourself!

Think about it…

Do you know which vegetables can be purchased at the Farmers’ Market in each season? See if you name an available veggie for each season!