Downtown Waterfront

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The Art Gallery of Algoma

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Left to right: Pat Gladu, “Three Winds;” Will Morin, “Dis-Car-Dead-Parts;” John LaFord, “Spirit of the Sault Rapids;” photos courtesy of the Art Gallery of Algoma. Tom Benner, “Harbour Dolphins,” courtesy of Tourism Sault Ste. Marie.

This regional gallery maintains a visual library of over 5,000 drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and mixed media pieces depicting different perspectives on life. The Gallery collects and displays both work by local artists and work that depicts areas of local importance. Come in and experience the wilderness of Algoma in paintings by the Group of Seven, or the energy and beauty of the St. Marys River in Anishinaabe artist John Laford’s “Spirit of the Sault Rapids.”

Cultural awareness is raised through local, regional and national exhibitions, educational tours, and art classes. An education room in the Art Gallery is dedicated to nationally recognized local artist Ken Danby. Outside a Sculpture Park can be enjoyed. What will you learn and discover?

Local Legacies, Public & Community Art – Downtown District

Use this map to find and enjoy public and community art in the Downtown Waterfront. This map also highlights areas named after local residents. This information is a layer on the interactive map.View PDF

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Challenge Yourself!

Can you spot Métis artist Will Morin’s sculpture “Dis-Car-Dead-Parts”? It is a totem pole made from recycled pieces of cars that are named after Indigenous tribes (such as Pontiac and Cherokee).

  • Test your knowledge

  • Question 1

    Pat Gladu’s colourful sculpture Three Winds represents which three great bodies of water?

  • Question 2

    What geographical area does the Art Gallery serve?

  • Question 3

    How many Group of Seven pieces does the Art Gallery hold in its permanent collection?

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