Downtown Waterfront

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The Sculpture Park

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Take a moment to wander around the Art Gallery of Algoma and experience three-dimensional art in the Elsie Savoie Sculpture Park. The park is named in honour of Elsie Savoie, who was instrumental in the founding of the Art Gallery. This waterfront area is enlivened by a wonderful range of contemporary works by local, Indigenous, and international artists. The sculptures feature a wide variety of materials and comment on many topics. Can you spot Haydn Llewellyn Davies’ “Algoma Blue” or Andre Dutkewych’s “Hole In the Sky”? Both are well-known pieces from the Art Gallery’s permanent collection. Which sculpture speaks to you?

Left: Hayden Llewellyn Davies, “Algoma Blue.”
Photo: Tourism Sault Ste. Marie

Right: Pat Gladu, “Three Winds.”
Photo: Art Gallery of Algoma

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