Downtown Waterfront

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Early Beginnings

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In the early 1970s, community volunteers and arts enthusiasts gathered support to develop the Sault’s first public art gallery. The gallery was originally located on the ground floor of Station Tower, at the corner of Elgin and Bay Streets. The City later donated the prime property for the gallery’s current location.

Elsie Savoie at the opening of the Art Gallery. Photo: Art Gallery of Algoma

A.J. Casson delivering a speech. Photo: Art Gallery of Algoma

Elsie Savoie, the first Board Chair of the Gallery, a very determined and hard working woman, was the driving force behind the capital campaign for the existing building. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place on September 6th, 1980, with A.J. Casson officially opening the new Gallery. More than 1,000 visitors celebrated the event.

The Sculpture Park beside the Gallery is named in honor of Elsie Savoie.

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