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Catching Whitefish

Whitefish · Corégone · Adikameg

Looks like this bear got a big one! Have you seen the fishing bears on the Trail? Photo: Tourism Sault Ste. Marie

The St. Marys River has provided Indigenous peoples with fish for millennia. It is recognized throughout North America as a prime year-round fishing location. Here you can watch people catching whitefish in the early spring and the fall.

Indigenous peoples used to use dip nets, (a large net at the end of a long pole) to catch whitefish. Although dip nets are no longer used, it is still common to smoke, dry, or cook whitefish on a stick and eat it on the spot according to traditional practices.

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  • Question 1

    “Adikameg”, meaning “caribou of the waters” is Ojibway for what?

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    Which kinds of fish can be found in the St. Marys River?

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    Which seasons are the best for catching whitefish? Why?

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