Downtown Waterfront

On Route 0.5 km – 1.0 km

The Public Library

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The Centennial Library in 1967. RG1-P017a, courtesy of Sault Ste. Marie Public Library Archives

If you were here before 1966, you would have been standing on commercial and industrial land. The Public Library was built to celebrate Canada’s centennial year, when this area was designated as a cultural district. “The Jewel of the Waterfront,” this library replaced the Carnegie Library and provided much-needed space for the growing community and collection. It is an excellent example of Modern International Style architecture, designed by the same architects who designed the Civic Centre.

In addition to books, archives and collections, the library offers a range of activities for children to seniors including book clubs, story time, crafts and an Internet café.

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As you get your exercise on the Trail, keep it clean for the enjoyment of others.

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  • Question 1

    The entrance of the Centennial Library is constructed using large beams of Algoma Cor-Ten steel. What big, blue nearby object uses steel in an artistic way?

  • Question 2

    What colour is the mosaic inside the front window?

  • Question 3

    When was Canada’s Centennial Year?

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