Downtown Waterfront

On Route 0.5 km – 1.0 km

Jewel of the Waterfront

Jewel · Joyau · Asinii

Centennial Library under construction, 1966. RG1-P013, courtesy of Sault Ste. Marie Public Library Archives

As you walk along the Trail, you can’t miss the distinctive steel structure of the Public Library, the community’s “jewel of the waterfront.”

Our first library, which held only a few hundred books, was established in 1896. The Library has grown dramatically since then; in 1948, the Library even offered a children’s story time radio show!

Today you can experience the Library in three locations across Sault Ste. Marie. The Centennial Library includes space for reading, discussion, exhibits, lectures, and events. It holds well over 180,000 items, so you’ll never run out of books to enjoy. The Library continues to change with the community, but it will always remain a gem of our City – a place where people can meet to learn and grow.

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