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Algoma University

Education · Éducation · Gkinoomaagewin

Photo: Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, Algoma University

The story of Algoma University begins with Chief Shingwauk. His vision was to create a cross-cultural learning center or “teaching wigwam.” It was intended to provide Indigenous children with opportunities to learn about European culture and skills such as reading and writing, while still maintaining their traditional values and ways of life. However, the school became an Indian Residential School aimed at assimilating Indigenous peoples into European culture.

Algoma University was established by Laurentian University (Sudbury) as a liberal arts university college in 1967. It was located in portables on Sault College property prior to relocating to Shingwauk Hall in 1970, after the Residential School closed. In 2008, it became an independent degree-granting institution.

Today Algoma University embraces Indigenous culture, which inspired its thunderbird logo and multicultural education system. In 1991 it incorporated Shingwauk University, an independent cross-cultural university that serves Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Algoma University continues to grow by offering new programs and delivery sites, as well as attracting a diverse student population from across the country and the world.

Frank’s Plants Video

Watch this video of Frank Belleau, Clear Sky Evening Star, as he talks about edible plants on Algoma University’s property adjacent to the John Rowswell Hub Trail.

Frank’s Plants

Challenge your knowledge with Frank’s Plants. Each of these species grows on the campus of Algoma University and Shingwauk University. How many can you spot?View PDF

Algoma University Campus Map

This three-dimensional map showcases the campus of Algoma University and Shingwauk University. It provides locations for important fixtures, including facilities which are open to the public.View PDF

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    The George Leach Centre is named after:

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What are some traditional values that Chief Shingwauk wanted to promote through the Teaching Wigwam?