East Neighbourhood

4.5 km Marker

Anna McCrea Public School

Teacher · Enseignant · E-kinoomaaged

School buses are a regular sight on this section of the Trail! Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2015

This area was once covered by forest, but today it is used for schools. You can still see part of the original bush and enjoy the trails that wind through it. In the fall, Canada geese like to stop here to fatten up before their long migration south.

The school closest to the Hub Trail is Anna McCrea Public School. It is named after a local teacher who inspired students with her generosity and friendliness. She helped break down racial barriers in Sault Ste. Marie. This area was also home to Sir James Dunn high school, the Shingwauk Indian Residential School, and most recently, Algoma University and Shingwauk University.

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    This area can be full of traffic! Who helps you cross the street safely?

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    How can you identify a crossing guard?

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Can you see the row of planted trees close to the marker? How does it compare with the natural bush?