East Neighbourhood

Side Route 3.5 km – 4.0 km

Bellevue Park

Play · Jouer · Damno

Ducks are well-loved residents of the park. Photo: Parks Canada / Scott Munn / 2014

Bellevue Park is a place for people from all over Sault Ste. Marie to gather, play, and have fun. In the summer, the park is used for concerts and events. In the winter, people create ski and snowshoe trails. Beautiful plants from all over the world thrive in the greenhouse, which is open year round. The park is also a great place to watch recreational boats and lake freighters go by. At 17 hectares – as big as 21 football fields – Bellevue Park is the largest park in the City.

Go for a run, play on the slides, or enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade of the park’s oldest trees. Hold on to your sandwiches before a greedy bird eats them!

Environmental Hub & Bellevue Park

This map highlights features in the area covering the Environmental Research Hub and Bellevue Park. Use it to enjoy a scenic detour before returning to the Trail.View PDF

Health Tips with Hearty Artie!

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Remember when you’re out in the sun to put your sunscreen on first and then insect repellant. Insect repellant is an effective way to protect yourself from the West Nile virus.

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