East Neighbourhood

6.5 km Marker

Fields & Homes

Berry · Baie · Miin

Blackberries are one of many wild foods found in the Sault region. Photo via pixabay.

If you could step back in time, you would see this neighbourhood spring to life with fields, marshes, and thick forests. In the past this was a great place for people to pick berries.

The homes, roads, and parks were built only recently in this region’s history. In fact, Indigenous people lived and harvested food here before the pyramids were built in ancient Egypt! Their descendants still live, work, and play in the Sault area.

Health Tips with Freggie


Did you know that a strawberry has about 200 seeds and is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside? Enjoy some on top of cereal or yogurt.

Challenge Yourself!

Think about it…

Do you like berry picking? What is your favourite berry?