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Chief Shingwauk The Man

Legacy · Héritage · Aankoobjigan

Photo: Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, Algoma University

Chief Shingwauk lived from 1773 to 1854 and went by many names including Little Pine, Shingwaukonse and William McMurray Shingwauk. Although he is remembered for his many achievements, less is known about his daily life as Chief of Garden River.

Chief Shingwauk worked tirelessly to promote the values and well-being of the Ojibway people. He had a large family, although few written records exist of the women in it. He had four sons: Augustin, Buhkwujjenene, John Askin, and George Menissino. It was Chief Buhkwujjenene who traveled to England to gain support for the teaching wigwam.

Challenge Yourself!

Think about it…

Chief Shingwauk went by many names, including Little Pine, Shingwaukonse, and William McMurray Shingwauk. How many different names are you known by?