East Neighbourhood

7.5 km Marker

Local Agriculture

Milk · Lait · Doodooashaaboo

Photo: Maja Petric, unsplash.com

Along with mining and forestry, agriculture is an important part of life in Algoma District. Thanks to our local farmers we can enjoy fresh, wholesome food all year long, including milk from local dairies. At this marker you can see a sculpture of three goofy cows holding up a Lock City Dairies milk can. Their recently-opened ice cream parlour serves locals and tourists looking for a sweet treat.

Most of us consume dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt every day. But there weren’t always cows in North America. They were brought over by European immigrants. Before that, Indigenous peoples used other foods to get the same nutrients. Milk is just one of many examples of the ways our diets change when different cultures come into contact.

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Having a small snack a couple of hours before you exercise helps to prevent hunger and gives you energy to be active.

Challenge Yourself!

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    What do cows eat?

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    Which plant or tree did the Indigenous people share with Europeans to help them cure scurvy?

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Think about it…

Can you think of foods you eat that grow naturally in the region where you live? What do you eat that comes from somewhere else in the world?