Finn Hill

8.0 km Marker

Black Rd. & McNabb

Hill · Colline · Gidaaki

Elevation changes of Finn Hill near McNabb Street. Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2015

Have you noticed how many hills there are in Sault Ste. Marie? Half of the City is built on a plateau. This means that the northern parts of the City are on higher ground than the areas close to the river. In fact, the downtown area of the City used to be underwater before the locks were built. The highest point in the Sault is almost 140 meters higher than the waterfront. That’s as tall as a 46-storey apartment building!

City planners consider the natural landscape when they decide where to put streets and other infrastructure. You can see evidence of this at the intersection of McNabb Street and Black Road. As you look across the hill from west to east, the slope of the hill grows steeper. McNabb Street goes down the hill at the point where the slope is less steep. This makes it easier for vehicles and people to travel between higher and lower areas of the City.

Finn Hill Nature Walk

Explore the first half of Finn Hill using this nature walk. Follow GPS coordinates and photos to discover different plant species and animal spotting locations along the John Rowswell Hub Trail.Start the Walk!

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Think about it…

Why do some streets cut through hills and other streets go around them?

Have you noticed any changes to the physical geography of Sault Ste. Marie?

How much of the City can you see from the top of the hill?
How does your body react as you walk from the bottom of a hill to the top?