Finn Hill

9.0 km Marker

Who Lives Here?

Animals · Animaux · Wesiinyag

Could this be an animal’s home? Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

Do you ever wonder where wild animals go to sleep? Just like us, animals need safe places to live. But the homes of wild animals look very different from ours. Birds use twigs and other materials to make nests. Other animals, like rabbits, burrow in the ground. Depending on the kind of animal, their home could be sunny, dark, wet, dry, or anything in between!

While you’re out on the Trail, keep an eye out for places where small animals could be living. Are there woodpeckers nesting in holes high in the trees? Can you spot Ginebig peeking out from a hollow log? Maybe you will find a frog splashing in a puddle, or a chipmunk scurrying into its burrow. Just remember that one place animals never like to live is in the middle of garbage. You can help keep the habitats of plants, animals and people safe and enjoyable by using proper garbage cans and recycling bins.

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Can You Draw?

Can you draw an animal living in its home?

Think about it…

Do you have a favourite small animal or insect? What kind of home does it live in?