Finn Hill

9.0 km Marker

Slugging Along the Trail

Slug · Limace · Anwi

This slug is enjoying the rain. Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

Is a rainy day a good day to be outside? Of course! But while you’re slugging along the Trail, keep your eyes peeled for something slimy in the bushes and paths…SLUGS!

Rainy, damp, cloudy weather is the perfect time for slugs to get together. Bring some rubber boots and a magnifying glass and watch them race for food. A fast-moving slug can take about a minute to travel 15cm (or the length of a small ruler). Can you move at the pace of a slug?

Slugs are a key component of the forest ecosystem. They help to break down organic matter and recycle nutrients by eating plants. They are also a food source for many other animals in the forest food chain. But if you’re tempted to bring a slug home, be warned: slugs have an enormous appetite, and are the culprits behind many a ruined garden! They are best left in the ecosystem where they occur naturally.

Challenge Yourself!

  • Test your knowledge

  • True or False

    Slugs move by walking along.

  • True or False 2

    A food chain that might include a slug would look like this:
    Dead leaves –> slugs –> birds

  • True or False 3

    If a slug loses its antennae, they can regrow.

  • Multiple Choice

    What are a slug’s antennae for?

  • You did great!

Think about it…

Can you imagine what you would look like to a slug? Many animals sense the vibrations of our footsteps. What creatures could be listening to you right now?