Fort Creek

17.5 km Marker


Muchroom · Champignon · Zhashkwedoonh

Many varieties of mushrooms grow in Fort Creek. Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

On a damp day in Fort Creek, you can catch a whiff of something mouldy. The odour comes from decaying vegetation in the forest and swamps. Decomposition may not look (or smell) pretty, but it is a vital part of the life cycle. You can spot evidence of this all around you in the form of a familiar cooking ingredient: mushrooms!

Mushrooms love to grow in this environment, on rotting material such as stumps and logs. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They absorb nutrients from dead or dying organic matter as they grow. Those same nutrients are then passed on to creatures that eat mushrooms, including humans. However, mushrooms can also contain toxic ingredients. Never eat a mushroom you find in the wild unless an expert tells you it’s safe.

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Eating foraged wild plants has its own set of health risks. Many contain toxins that are harmful to your health. Check before you eat anything you pick.

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