Fort Creek

18.0 km Marker

Fort Creek Dam

Flood · Inondation · Moozhka’an

Water from the creeks ends up in the reservoir. Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

Water levels change with the seasons. Spring brings warmer weather, melting the icicles and snow that have built up all winter – and that means a lot of running water!

Forests help to control water by slowing down the melting of snow in the spring. The Fort Creek Dam also prevents flooding by holding water in its 8-acre reservoir. During the summer and fall, water levels in the dam gradually recede into the forest and wetlands. The Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority monitors water levels and warns people if the water gets too high. In this way, people and nature work together to keep the low-lying parts of our City safe.

Fort Creek Conservation Area Video

Watch this video with Rhonda Bateman to learn about flood prevention in the Fort Creek Conservation Area. Click here to watch Dean Greenwood’s video for more about the Conservation Authority and the importance of the Fort Creek section of the Hub Trail.

Health Tips with Hearty Artie!

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Limit foods in your diet that contain a lot of sugar, fat, and salt.

Challenge Yourself!

Can You Draw?

Draw what you see while you stand on the hill by the dam. Come back and compare your drawing to what you see in the next season.

How much water is in the reservoir now?