Northern Corridor

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Home of Many

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Residences across from the hospital and the F.J. Davey Home. Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2015

This area is home for many. Who lives here, and how are their homes similar or different?

In the retirement home, each resident has their own living space. Across the street are detached houses with many rooms and large yards. If you look closely at the ground, you can spot ants racing in and out of their anthill, a gigantic “ant condo”! People staying in the hospital may share their rooms with other patients. What does your home look like? Do you share your home with others?

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Challenge Yourself!

  • Test your knowledge

  • Question 1

    How many people live in the retirement home?

  • Question 2

    Even trees like to live together! What is a group of trees called?

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Can You Draw?

Draw a picture of your favourite room in your house.

How big is the biggest anthill you’ve seen? Where was it? How many ants do you think lived in it?