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Where does the water go? (Part 2)

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Storm drains help prevent water from accumulating on the streets. Photo: User:Rklawton / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-2.5

Did you grab your rubber boots and umbrella? Sometimes, it rains for so long that water rushes down the streets and sidewalks. Where does all that water go?

When it rains, excess water flows into grates and storm sewers. You can see the intake of a storm sewer across the street from this marker. After the water enters the storm sewer, it travels through a maze of dark tunnels until it reaches the St. Marys River.

If it rains hard for a long time, the water can overwhelm the storm sewers and flood the streets. The rushing water turns roads into rivers! In the fall of 2013, unusually high amounts of rain brought so much water that some people could paddle a canoe through the neighbourhoods. Can you imagine using a canoe to get to school?

Challenge Yourself!

Can You Draw?

Draw a picture of how you would move about if your street was full of water.

Think about it…

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