Northern Corridor

15.0 km Marker

Power Lines

Electricity · Électricité · Waasmowin

How much power do you think these lines are transmitting? Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

Hummmm…can you hear the power lines buzzing? They transmit electricity from power generating stations to our homes. There are different kinds of power lines – bigger ones for distribution over long distances, and smaller ones for delivering electricity to houses. You can’t travel far without seeing at least one power line or transmission tower! Today we rely on electricity for everything from cooking dinner to keeping us warm in the winter. How do you think people accomplished these tasks before they had power?

Corridors for Life Video

Watch this video of Leslie Smith explain about Corridors for Life, a project designed in partnership with power companies to rehabilitate habitat along power line corridors.

Health Tips with Freggie & Hearty Artie!


Baby carrots pack the same nutritional punch as regular ones. Both are an excellent source of beta carotene and Vitamin A, which are good for eyes, skin and growing bones.

hearty artie

Start slowly and take proper precautions so that you do not injure yourself. Gradually work up to regular activity.

Challenge Yourself!

  • Test your knowledge

  • Question 1

    In the 1600s, how did people keep their food cold?

  • Question 2

    Which bird nests on electrical towers?

  • You did great!

Think about it…

Where does our electricity come from? Can you think of ways to reduce your use of electricity and help the environment?