Northern Corridor

14.5 km Marker

The Ravine

Ravine · Ravin · Basakamigaa

The ravine is located across the road from the John Rowswell Hub Trail. Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

Keep an eye out for a metal railing as you walk along Third Line. If you stand beside the railing, you can see the culvert at the bottom of a ravine. Notice that there is no ravine on the other side of the road. Dirt and stone have been brought here to make the road flat. What are some other ways that urban planners alter the landscape when we build cities and neighbourhoods?

The culvert in the ravine is important because it creates a pathway for water to flow. Water in the City goes through many hidden pathways to get to the St. Marys River. From there it eventually flows all the way to the ocean. Water is constantly on the move!

Challenge Yourself!

  • Test your knowledge

  • Question 1

    Tag alder grows in this area (near the fire hydrant). Why is this plant important?

  • You did great!

Think about it…

Where does the water in the culverts come from?
How does water support living things?

Look down into the ravine. The water supports a variety of animals, plants, and insects. Can you spot any?
Can you see the yellow and blue fire hydrant?