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Queen Elizabeth Sports Complex

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Michael Burtch’s sculptures seem to leap off the John Rhodes Community Centre. Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

This Complex keeps people of all ages active and enjoying sports all year round. Keep fit and make new friends by swimming, skateboarding, playing soccer, running, walking, or gymnastics. Many of these facilities are named after the athletes who have trained, played, and competed here, as well as important people who have visited the Sault. Whether you’re a beginner or an Olympian, you’re sure to find an activity to keep you moving!

John Rhodes Community Centre & Queen Elizabeth Sports Complex

Use this map to orient yourself at the Sports Complex. This map also includes a listing of organizations that use the Complex and the John Rhodes Community Centre.View PDF

Health Tips with Freggie & Hearty Artie!


Foods such as chips or cookies may seem cheap but they offer no nutrition. Vegetables and fruit are packed with nutrients and, compared to a chocolate bar, a banana or carrot costs little.
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Healthy bodies can come in all shapes and sizes. Keep active and eat well to maintain a healthy weight and feel good about yourself.

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    Cricket is popular in India and New Zealand.

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Can You Draw?

What is your favourite sport or physical activity to play or watch? Draw yourself doing it.

Think about it…

What sports are Canada known for? Why do you think this is the case?

Do you see the three bronze sculptures at the John Rhodes Centre? What activities are they doing?