Finn Hill

Side Route 11.0 km – 11.5 km

The Historic Water Tower

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How much water do you think this tower can hold? Photo: NORDIK Institute, 2014

Look up – waaay up! Can you see one of the City’s landmarks?

Between 1967 and 1991, the water tower stored water for drinking and emergencies like fires and power outages. The Regional Emergency Services Complex, located nearby on Old Garden River Road, continues to provide emergency services to the City.

Today, our water comes from six deep wells and a water intake from the St. Marys River. The water tower is now owned by the Algoma Water Tower Inn and Suites.

Challenge Yourself!

Can you see the Water Tower from different points along the Trail? Can you find a leaf that looks like the one painted on the Water Tower? What kind of leaf is it?