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Sault College

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Photo: Sault College

Sault College offers many programs to the community, including nursing, chef training, native education, and outdoor and environmental studies. It’s a great place to get practical training in a variety of different fields. The students in chef training gain experience at the college’s Willow restaurant, where the public may enjoy contemporary fine dining. Algoma Public Health provides practical learning experiences to nursing students. The wood lot beside Pine Street is an outdoor classroom for students learning about plants and wildlife. The college’s Applied Research Centre brings faculty, staff, students, and regional enterprises to offer even more opportunities to participate in innovative projects in fields such as renewable energy, GIS, health informatics, and electronics.

Did you know?
People from all walks of life come to Sault College to learn. In addition to programs, you can take individual classes, including fitness, art, and computer literacy.

Sault College Campus Map

This three-dimensional map showcases the campus of Sault College and provides locations for important fixtures, including bike repair stations.View PDF

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Can you find the two bike repair stations? Look near the student residence and the A Wing Canopy.